Connect to Africa with this new collection!

Connect to Africa with this new collection!

All Lagosians at home and abroad, everyone who's ever been to or lived in Lagos, and all who love Africa and the many things it represents, this collection is for you!

Each of the 10 unique art pieces in the Made in Lagos collection represents an architectural icon in Lagos. More than the buildings though, Made in Lagos presents an opportunity for nostalgia and a strong connection to the resilience and vivacity of the African people.

The art style is a mixed media blend of photography, 2D illustrations and doodles. Using only three colours, the artworks are able to strike the right balance between being minimalist (with white and black) and expressive (with a yellow sun or the moon).

Made in Lagos is a collector's dream, perfect if purchased either as a single piece, or in sets of 2, 5 or 10.

Collect your favourites here and don't forget to share your photos with us so that we'll spotlight it on our special page for you!

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