"When children are offered the tools to develop to their full potential, they become productive adults ready to give back to their communities and break the cycle of poverty."

- UNICEF (SDG Goal 4: Quality Education)

At Raknida, we believe that every child deserves

  • A quality education that recognizes their individual abilities

  • The opportunity to develop and use their talents for good

  • A safe space for self-expression & achieving dreams

Providing quality education to child artists

In Nigeria, the creativity and talent of artistic children are often stifled by well-meaning parents and caregivers. As a result, many youths today have no marketable skills, and currently, over 53% of youths in Nigeria are unemployed (www.statista.com).

In partnership with Hearts of Color thus, Raknida is committed to providing quality education to children with talents in art, to ensure that beyond classroom knowledge, they are empowered with resources and skills to successfully build any art career they may choose when they get older.

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Art competitions for underserved children in Nigeria

Every year, Raknida plans to host creative art challenges for children in underserved communities in Nigeria, to help them hone skills like creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving.

The goal is to provide a platform and rewards that validate the dreams & talents of child artists.

Scholarships for winners of the art competitions

To emphasize the importance of a quality, all-round education, Raknida will provide full-year scholarships to the winners of the art competition, among other prizes. This establishes the value of their talents, supports their families, and still ensures that they stay in school.

Art mentorship programs with Raknida Creators

In partnership with the African Creators on Raknida, we'll set up both group and one-on-one mentorship programs for child artists in Nigeria, to help them hone their talents, give them much-desired guidance and equip them with important skills to grow a career through their art.

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