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Is Wall Art a Vital Aspect of Interior Design?

Wall art includes a wide variety of artistic decor installed on a wall and meant to enhance the appearance of a room or space as a whole. It includes framed photography prints, wallpapers, paintings, tapestries, art prints, murals, mirrors and canvas prints.

Unfortunately, people tend to neglect wall art when doing interior design. While they may not completely exclude it from their design plan, they often save it for last. In such cases, wall art is likened to the  “cherry on the cake.'' 

However, that understates its importance. When properly integrated into interior design, wall art can help you create the exact type of ambience you want in your space.

Here’s how:


Wall Art is a Form of Self-expression

Wall art comprising of small images of life quotes


Amidst functional items like furniture and all the other fixtures in your home, wall art seemingly has no visible use. However, unlike these functional items, it is one of the easiest and most affordable ways you can inject personality into your space.

Your ideals and the principles that serve as a compass for your lifestyle can be enshrined in your wall art, and since it’s constantly in plain sight, it can serve as a source of inspiration. That way, you have a constant reminder to stay conscious of your life goals; something tangible to keep you grounded. You’ll find wall art that can achieve such an effect in our Dear God and Pastel Affirmation collections. 

Also, art is always a great subject for discussion or small talk since it naturally stirs up curiosity. So, if you don’t pay close attention to the wall art in your home, you might end up misrepresenting what you stand for to visitors. Ideally, your visitors should enjoy the wall art in your home as an extension of your personality.


It Influences Moods

A lady using laptop on bed with a few art pieces on the wall behind her


The way you arrange and design a place can have a huge influence on your mood. From the chosen colour palette to how basic design principles are applied to the space, there are so many variables that determine the impact of interior design.

Since wall art can personalise or add a general aura to a space, you want to ensure that it tallies with the vibe you are trying to achieve. 

If you’re designing your living space for instance, you know that you’re going to spend a lot of time there. There’s also the fact that it’s the place you go to rest after a long day of hard work. 

Hence, your wall art should be geared towards creating a sense of comfort, relaxation and calm, and coordinated properly with the other components of your interior design.


It Gives You an Array of Colours to Work With

A woman looking at colours on a paper taped to a black board with a few paintings


Settling on a particular colour theme for your space design can prove to be a challenging feat. It requires consistent main colour repetitions and complementary colour balances applied to every item and element to achieve balance and unity in the room’s intended design.

Raknida's 'Opportunity to Grow' canvas print resting on a green couch in a room that matches its colour theme

Wall art makes this process easier. For example, if simple, light colours are your style, you can draw inspiration for a colour theme from our Pastel Affirmations collection. It’s a great start at personalising your space to match your identity while ensuring that you don’t fuse clashing colours in your interior decor.

Then using the canvas print or wallpaper as a colour palette, you can coordinate your furniture and other elements of your interior design to achieve harmony in the colour shades and overall design of your space.


It Creates a Focal Point

Door almost fully open to reveal a large canvas painting on the wall with a chair underneath it.


The focal point of any room is usually the first thing that anyone notices when they walk in. Sometimes, it is predetermined by the architectural structure of the room. Other times, it’s an effect that you have to create.

With wall art, there are two easy ways you can achieve a focal point in your space. You can create an accent wall by painting it a colour that stands out (principle of contrast) or putting up a wallpaper that goes well with the rest of the decor.

The other option is to place an eye-catching artwork or art pieces on a wall, gallery style. Don’t forget to take proportion and scale into consideration. You have to ensure that the artworks are not too big or too small for the wall or the intended gallery effect. They have to be just the right sizes.

A white wall with framed art prints and a 3D sculpture right above a navy blue couch


Wall Art Makes Your Space More Beautiful

Raknida's beautiful  'Ikoyi Link Bridge Lagos' wallpaper installed on the wall behind a couch with pillows


Putting aside the personal style factor that goes into choosing wall art for your space, it’s important to enjoy art in your home or office space for its own sake. Wall art, when selected right, brings beauty, inspiration and life into any space. So, even if other reasons don't work for you, get wall art simply for the beauty it brings.

Why settle for a plain, empty wall when you can make it so much more?

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