3 Tips for choosing gender-neutral wall art

3 Tips for choosing gender-neutral wall art

Are you sharing a home with the opposite gender and want to get wallpapers that aren't gender-selective? Or maybe you are moving in with your partner and you want your interior décor to satisfy both of you? Well, here are some tips for choosing a gender-neutral wall art for your home.


Harmonize both sides perfectly

Remember that if you are living with a loved one of the opposite gender, you have to find a balance. You don’t want the masculine side to dominate or the feminine side to cast a shade on the masculine side. And that’s why your wallpapers should be a blend of colours from both sides. An example is a white and green patterned wallpaper. It doesn’t favour any side. The key is adding touches of both sides until your wallpaper tells both stories.

Break the rules and do you

It is beautiful how times have changed and pink is not only for women and grey is not just for men. Colours are now seen as colours and not feminine or masculine. Flowers are not just a girl thing anymore; with the right design, floral patterns can work for both genders.
The best part of this is that you now have the freedom to experiment with the colours you love and both want. If you are both okay with purple, that’s cool. Do that! It’s your space. You don’t have to settle for the norms.

Add a touch of neutral colours

Don’t bother finding a balance with blue and pink because earth tones already offer that balance. Colours like beige, ivory, grey, taupe, black and white do not select sides. Choosing one of these colours is a smart move to make because neutral colours do not only work for both sides but they also look elegant, homey and may never go out of style. You can always complement these colours with other hues but, making sure it is the centre of your artwork will give it the balance you desire.

Whatever you finally choose, remember that it should tell the story of both you and your partner perfectly and equally. It’s a space for two or more so remember to compromise if need be and also accept that it can’t be all about you.

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