Raknida (rak-ni-dah) is an online platform that helps you transform your home & office spaces into inspiring experiences, with wall art by world-class African creators.

Inspired to shape the future

Raknida is for you, the imaginative & young-at-heart obsessed with bringing something real into every space you touch.

So with inspiring artworks from African creators, high quality materials and innovative technology, we are redesigning the experience of wall art to help you shape the future on your terms.

What matters to us

  • Self-expression

    Your space should tell your story

  • Quality

    Original, sustainable, long-lasting

  • Creating Opportunities

    For African creators globally

Raknida was created with love by Insecta Studios, a creative company that uses storytelling and design to connect brands & people.

Our desire to put heart in every space started five years ago when we saw the high energy one of our artworks brought to a startup company! We became instantly obsessed, and have been transforming businesses this way ever since.

Now with artworks on Raknida, we are bringing that transformation to you, to help you express yourself, elevate your space and enjoy the right kind of vibes every day!

Our bite-size brand story

At Raknida, we are:

Crafting quality

We curate the finest of artworks with meaning, and produce them with high quality materials we constantly update. So you can enjoy the artworks in your space from the moment they're delivered and up to 3 - 5 years after!

Transforming spaces

Art has the power to uplift your space, so we make it an exciting experience. That's why our artworks support you whether you're furnishing a new home, renovating your office, decorating a classroom or getting the perfect gift for your friend.

Shaping the future

We're using tech to push the boundaries of contemporary art experiences, all to open up new frontiers of excitement for you! You can enjoy select artworks in our Virtual Gallery, as NFT collections or with Augmented Reality.

A Creative Revolution

We're creating a global market for wall art by Africans on Raknida, to promote inclusion and diversity in art styles, cultures and tastes.

African digital creators around the globe are able to earn with every artwork you purchase, giving them the financial & creative freedom to design more beautiful, diverse artworks that elevate your space and inspire you.

With Raknida, we:

  • Provide employment for many Africans along the production chain

  • Offer affordable ways for collectors to access wall art they love

  • Create immersive experiences that make life more exciting

  • Build a community of art lovers that shape the future

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