At Raknida, we believe your space should reflect your personality

That's why we constantly source the most affordable, top-grade materials and are meticulous in our production process, so that you can get great quality artworks at budget-friendly prices and enjoy them in your space for a long time!

  • Premium Textures

  • Affordable Quality

  • Long Lasting

Our rich-textured wallpapers

Our wallpapers come in vivid textures that are specially selected for the elegant touch they bring to spaces. They are crafted to last for 3 - 5 years without needing an upgrade.

We also include a complementary high-tack wallpaper paste as part of your wallpaper package to make installation easy for you!

Our meticulous production

We partner with production companies that use specialized inks to ensure that the colours and print details of your wallpapers always turn out vibrant.

We then subject each wallpaper to thorough quality checks during & after production, because we want you to enjoy the experience of your artwork when you receive it.

Our sustainable practices

All our wallpapers are made to order, which cuts down the costs and waste often associated with stocking products in a warehouse.

We also adopt a low-to-zero waste policy during production which helps us make the wallpapers even more affordable for you.

Perfect size for accent walls

Currently, our wallpapers are 3m high and 2m wide - perfect for highlight and accent walls. We are constantly expanding options for you so more sizes will be available soon!

Other art medium features