At Raknida, we believe that everyone deserves high quality.

That's why we constantly source the most affordable, top-grade materials and are meticulous in our production process, so that you can get great quality artworks at budget-friendly prices and enjoy them in your space for a long time!

  • Premium Textures

  • Affordable Quality

  • Long Lasting

Our refined, durable canvas prints

We use cotton canvas for our prints, carefully selected for its durability and classic, vintage vibes. It brings out the rich colours in artwork and has a rich, matte finish.

For stretching, we use recycled wood that's been treated against decay & termites so that you can enjoy your artwork in your space for 3 - 5 years and more.

Our meticulous production process

We work with partners that produce the finest prints on canvas, and ensure that all details stand out in rich, vivid clarity.

We then subject each canvas print to thorough quality checks during & after production, because we want you to enjoy your artwork 💯 from the moment receive it!

Our ethical approach

Our canvas frames are made from 100% recycled wood.

All our artworks are made to order, which cuts down the costs and waste often associated with stocking products in a warehouse.

We also adopt a low-to-zero waste policy during production which makes the artworks even more affordable for you.

A variety of options for you

We are constantly expanding options so you can have as many choices as you desire. Get your canvas prints in several:

▪️ Colours (black, white, purple, etc.)

▪️ Sizes (small: 8 x 12 inches; medium: 16 x 24 inches; or large: 24 x 36 inches) and

▪️ Finish options (rolled or stretched).

* The sizes apply to the art print area, so the actual artwork will be 1 - 3 inches larger.

Other art medium features