Terms of Service for Creators (Summary)

Last updated on the 12th of September, 2022

These Terms govern the relationship between Raknida and the Creator whose artworks are published on Raknida for sales. This does not include artworks created under contract or commission by Raknida. Such artworks are paid for and belong fully to Raknida and as such, their creators are not covered in these Terms.

Read the full terms here: https://raknida.com/pages/terms-of-service-for-creators 



You appoint Raknida as your agent of sale to:

  • sell your digital artworks as art prints, canvas prints, wallpapers and in any other physical or digital medium which Raknida may include in its offerings; and
  • optionally utilize your digital artworks and/or videos to create tech experiences (e.g. Augmented Reality) to drive up your artwork sales



Raknida only accepts digital artworks including illustrations, photography, vector art, physical paintings that have been scanned in high resolution or otherwise converted into digital form, etc.

  • Artworks can be submitted to Raknida via our forms, email to raknida@insectastudios.com, or any other means we communicate to you.
  • All artworks must meet the following criteria to be eligible for publishing on our platforms:
    • The Creator created and owns full copyright to the artwork
    • The Creator has all necessary permissions from the subjects in the artworks, other sales platforms the artwork is listed on, etc. to publish and make profit from the artwork on Raknida.
    • The artwork isn’t abusive, inappropriate, discriminatory and doesn’t violate any regulations, laws or third party(ies)’s rights.
    • All technical guidelines requested by Raknida’s staff (including the size of the artwork, its dimensions, resolution, any adjustments, etc.) have been met.
    • The Creator meets Raknida’s eligibility criteria, i.e., the Creator:
      • originates from an African country or is a descendant of a person(s) of African origins;
      • is 18 years or older.
  • We curate the artworks on our platforms, so we reserve the right to determine whether any artwork submitted will be published accordingly. 



Raknida currently has three art sale categories on its platforms:

  • Non-Exclusive Artworks: Artworks that Raknida doesn't request to be published only on our platforms. They can be sold or published anywhere if none of the licenses you grant Raknida is violated.
  • Exclusive Creator Artworks: Artworks that you agree to sell only on Raknida. These artworks cannot be unpublished from Raknida until after at least a year, and cannot be sold or published anywhere else while on Raknida's platforms.
  • Exclusive Raknida Artworks: Artworks that we direct you to create only for Raknida based on trends and other factors that may drive up sales. Copyright in these artworks belong to Raknida, so they cannot be sold or published anywhere else and can only be unpublished from our platforms at our discretion. 



  • You retain all copyrights in your digital artwork(s). This doesn't include artworks created as Exclusive Raknida Artworks.
  • You are entitled to commissions on every sale of your artwork(s).
  • You can get any of your artworks unpublished from our platforms by sending us an email request at raknida@insectastudios.com. Note that this is subject to its art sale category and our Terms for unpublishing. 



You have an obligation to:

  • Have at least five (5) artworks published on Raknida, and submit new artworks periodically
  • Supply information we require especially for your profile and the artworks 
  • Periodically participate in promotions and experiences, events, etc. that we require to promote artworks. Notice of this will be given in advance.
  • Not breach any part of the Terms



You hereby grant Raknida a worldwide, transferable, right and license, with a right to sublicense, to:

  • Non-exclusively sell physical productions of your Non-Exclusive Artworks as art prints & canvas prints with different framing options (a Non-Exclusive License);
  • Exclusively sell physical productions of your Non-Exclusive Artworks as wallpapers (an Exclusive License);
  • Exclusively sell physical productions of your Exclusive Creator and Raknida Artworks as wallpapers, art prints & canvas prints (an Exclusive License); and
  • Exclusively create and/or use your artworks or their animated versions/videos in Augmented Reality, VR, and any other Raknida arttech experience for the purpose of driving sales and engagement on your artworks (an Exclusive License).

* Note that until an artwork is unpublished as provided in the Terms, Exclusive Licenses are exclusive against every party not sublicensed or licensed by Raknida, including you.

  • We reserve the right to:
    • screen artworks submitted to us and to decide which artworks to publish on our platforms.
    • unpublish any artworks that don’t meet our standards or violate our terms. 
    • use your digital artworks, their physically produced forms, and animations and videos of the same in promotions for you, your artworks and the Raknida brand.



  • To drive the growth of your sales, we make the artworks on Raknida as affordable as possible. So the prices of all artworks and promotional discounts shall only be set at our discretion.
  • Creators are entitled to the following commissions for every sale of their artworks published on Raknida's platforms:
 Art Sale Category Creator  Raknida 
Non-Exclusive Artworks  65% of the Net Profits 35% of the Net Profits
Exclusive Creator Artworks  70% of the Net Profits 30% of the Net Profits
Exclusive Raknida Artworks 50% of the Net Profits 50% of the Net Profits

Note that:

  • "Net Profits" is the sale price after costs of production.
  • Production costs include the cost of materials, producing the artworks, promotions, taxes and any related manpower and operational costs. 
  • The sale prices of exclusive sale categories and licenses may be set higher than those that are non-exclusive. In such events, the profits gained will be higher for both parties.
  • Delivery and any additional service costs (e.g. installation fees) aren't included in the sales price.
  • A buyer has 14 days from the date they receive their order to request returns. So commissions are only cleared after the 14 days have passed without any returns request, or 14 days after Raknida has fulfilled the request (the "Clearance Period").
  • If a transaction fails, an order is cancelled, and/or the payment for an order is reversed to the buyer, you understand that there won’t be any earnings to pay to you.
  • All cleared sales commissions which have accrued to you will be paid on a quarterly basis into the account you specify.
  • Any changes to the sales commission percentages will be communicated to you in advance.
  • We reserve the right to promote and market artworks using sales and/or discounts as incentives. This typically gives buyers between 5% - 20% off, or on rare occasions, may be free (e.g. buy 1 get 1 free promos, competition prizes, etc). If used, discounts will be deducted from the prices of the artwork and the usual sales commission splits will then be calculated. On the rare occasions where artworks are free, you understand that there won’t be any earnings to pay to you.
  • There shall be no form of commissions or payments on artworks that are unpublished (artworks that have been removed from Raknida's platforms) or not published (artworks that were shared with Raknida but never published on any of Raknida's platforms).


Read the full terms here: https://raknida.com/pages/terms-of-service-for-creators 

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