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Anthony Ezeokoye

Loved (Wallpaper)

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Color – Black
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Loved (Wallpaper)
Loved (Wallpaper)
Loved (Wallpaper)
Loved (Wallpaper)
Loved (Wallpaper)
Loved (Wallpaper)
Loved (Wallpaper)
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Product Details

Loved has a blend of calligraphy, gently waving greenery and ornate colours that communicates a sweet, slightly retro vibe. It is a piece that transcends above the opinions of earthly beings and keeps sight of what matters most: love. The artwork speaks of the desire to disregard the noise that comes with living, and so cuts through to connect to the beating heart of a higher power

As an accent piece, this artwork will bring the right blend of vintage, heart and spiritual presence into any home, church or office. It's also a perfect gift to remind a loved one that they are seen and loved unconditionally. Pair with other artworks in the Dear God collection for maximum impact in your home.

Enjoy Loved with Augmented Reality. Also available as art print and canvas print.

Additional Information

Ships in: 7 – 14 business days

Installation: We recommend using professional installers to set the artwork up in your space.


The artwork has everything that depicts Gourmet Twist: Finish me with Orders, banana bread, etc. I'm really pleased with your work. Thank you guys; it was a great job. I appreciate it.


Before, our reception wall looked rough and really outdated. But the wall art has now made our reception feel way, way better. People come in and are like, 'Oh wow! This is different!'. You just have to notice it.

Yemisi, Total Health Trust

Oh wow. Nice! This is it! This is what the Head of Jobs office is supposed to look like!

Jobberman Team

The artworks represent everything that we are. They tell the story of our brand.

Eguru, Sterling Bank

If we don't tell people, they think that the wall art was painted on the wall. Your team is really doing well. I love the artworks you've done so far.

Stephen, Total Health Trust