Choosing the right artwork size for your space

Choosing the right artwork size for your space

Sometimes it gets hard to decide what you want because there are so many amazing choices

We advise that our collectors go for sizes that best fit the wall they have selected for the artwork. To decide this, first take a measurement of your wall using a measuring tape.


For art and canvas prints, note down the widest width and the highest height of the exposed part of the wall in inches, avoiding obstacles such as windows, TV, desks, etc.


Next, decide how many artworks you want on that wall and how you want them installed. If you want three artworks installed side by side, add 6 inches to the width of each artwork you select. If the total width of all the artworks in inches is equal to or less than the exposed part of your chosen wall, then you're good to go. If it's more, then you can select one or two art or canvas prints that are lesser in width. Apply the same principle if you want the artworks installed one above the other.




Then to select the artwork sizes you want, add 6 inches to the width and height of each artwork. If you want three artworks for example the total width


checking the sizes we have available, add 6 inches


A second thing to consider is whether the wall is taken up by something that could influence the size of the artwork you go for, such as a TV, a window, a work desk, etc. You can decide to go for a wall that is fully clear of any 'obstacles', or choose artwork sizes that will sit well on the parts of the wall that are exposed.




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